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Packed full of classic Marion recipes, Just As Delicious is set to be the next blockbuster release by Marion Grasby.

In stunning hardcover, this beautiful new cookbook is a must for any lover of good food. Exploring technical cooking fundamentals along with brilliant basics, Marion has published some of her most famous recipes along with step-by-step guides to create a compelling new cooking companion.

Just as Delicious also includes QR codes for video tips, as well as visual step-by-step guides throughout to have you creating memorable meals time and again.


Full colour

240 pages

Published 2022

Do I need to buy 'Always Delicious' before 'Just as Delicious'?

Nope, although we reckon you won’t regret it if you do! Both of Marion’s cookbooks have been designed as standalone titles, although they complement each other perfectly.

How is this different from 'Always Delicious'?

Just as Delicious is packed full of classic Marion recipes, as well as more of Marion’s personal tips and techniques. Written to be the perfect companion to Always Delicious, Just as Delicious is a must for any lover of good food.

Is there an E-book? Or will you have an E-book?

Just as Delicious is currently only available in hardcover.

Are there any repeated recipes between Always Delicious and Just as Delicious?

Each of Marion’s cookbooks contain unique recipes.

Which do you recommend I buy first?

Just like a parent can’t pick a favourite child, we can’t pick a favourite book either (we love them both equally)! Both cookbooks contain recipes that will have you creating memorable meals time and again.

What's the cooking level of the book? (eg. easy / hard)

While dishes vary in complexity, Marion Grasby’s recipes are for the home cook, so are absolutely achievable in home kitchens for people of all abilities. What’s more, rather than just sharing the steps to make a delicious plate of food, Marion has offered her tips and techniques to explain the why behind the method. Scattered throughout her cookbooks, you’ll find QR codes which, when scanned, will take you to helpful videos, too.

Can Marion sign it?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer signed copies of Just as Delicious.

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