MAMA NOI: Secrets from an Asian Mama’s Kitchen

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Stories to make you happy; food to make you feel good

These are the tales of people, places and tastes that transported Noi from a rural Thai village to a life she never even dreamed of. Much-loved mum to Marion Grasby and all-round force of nature, Mama Noi has released her long-awaited cookbook.

In Mama Noi: Secrets From An Asian Mama’s Kitchen, you’ll find classic retro recipes just like the ones from the Chinese and Thai restaurants... only done the Mama Noi way. Full of secrets. And full of flavour.


Full colour

240 pages

First Published in 2023 by Oriana Press

Copyright c Marion Grasby and Noi Paew Grasby 2023

Is Mama Noi a professional chef?

Yes, starting her culinary education in Bangkok, Mama Noi completed her professional chef certificates in Australia and has worked in professional kitchens, cooking western dishes and cuisines from all over Asia.

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