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Our first print run of Marion Grasby’s cookbook, Always Delicious, SOLD OUT IN RECORD TIME!

It's the little things done right that produce the best results. In Always Delicious, Marion Grasby shares those details that make a difference... the recipes, tips and techniques you can rely on time and time again. This is food that will make you say "yum".


Full colour

240 pages

Published 2021

Is this your first book?

While Always Delicious is Marion Grasby’s first cookbook in many years and was published in 2021, her first ever cookbook was called Marion: Recipes And Stories From A Hungry Cook (also available to buy on our website!).

Is there an E-book? Or will you have an E-book?

Always Delicious is currently only available in hardcover.

Are they all Asian recipes?

No. Always Delicious is not an Asian cookbook, although it does include some amazing Asian recipes! In Always Delicious, you will find the food that brings Marion great joy (hello, stir-fries, fusion pasta and fried chicken), but it wouldn’t be a Marion Grasby recipe without a little Asian twist.

How is it different from Just as Delicious?

When Marion wrote Always Delicious, she wanted to capture what people loved most about her food and lifestyle channels: the tips, techniques and, most importantly, recipes that work. But it felt like only a small slice of the pie, so Just as Delicious was written – the perfect accompaniment to Always Delicious.

Are there product recipes that will require us to use your products?

Nope! We wanted our recipes to be accessible for everyone all over the world.

What's the cooking level of the book? (eg. easy / hard)

While dishes vary in complexity, Marion Grasby’s recipes are for the home cook, so are absolutely achievable in home kitchens for people of all abilities. What’s more, rather than just sharing the steps to make a delicious plate of food, Marion has offered her tips and techniques to explain the why behind the method. Scattered throughout the book, you’ll also find QR codes which, when scanned, will take you to helpful videos, too.

Can Marion sign it?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer signed copies of Always Delicious.

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